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Christmas Came Early

by Alexa Francisco

Christmas Came Early




The double needle industrial sewing machine has arrived!


For those of you who don’t know, it is this machine that is responsible for creating the double-threaded topstitch on all of your favorite hats.


It's no secret that there is a complete lack of transparency plaguing the modern business world. We think it's bullshit, and have been inspired to create a video series called “Behind the Screens” as a means to remedy this issue. As we learn the ins and outs of running a sustainable business, we hope to inspire others and spread lessons learned along the way by documenting the process (with some adventure thrown in too, of course).


Here’s your anatomy lesson for the day-


If you take your hat off and look at the “cap” portion, you’ll see two uniform seam lines that run along and across it diagonally. You’ll also find it around the back end where the snap is sewn in and potentially in your sweatband, depending on who made it and how they went about the process.


That’s what we got this $2,000 machine for…


It took us forever to find the right supplier for it and we definitely didn’t have the mechanical intelligence to assemble it ourselves. So, we had to order it and have it shipped completely put together.


All 230 lbs of it, from Cali. Thank all that is good and holy for our supplier’s shipping deal...


Only a couple weeks from our last TOL update (if you missed it, hit this), here we are. I got a knock on the door this afternoon, the badass truck driver unloaded the machine, and after some conversation demonstrated his support for what we were doing by lugging the entire damn machine up and through the dirt driveway for us. Solely on his pallet jack, by the way, because he noticed we were lacking the recommended rental of a forklift. I felt bad I didn’t have a hat to give him, but he just laughed at me and said he’ll hold me to it if he gets to deliver our next machine to us.


After all that, Nick and I unwrapped our early Christmas present on the concrete slab sitting in front of the house and moved ‘er inside!


Are you guys ready for some hats?


Because I’m drafting my patterns and collecting my fabrics in tandem with learning how to use this machine. And I’m eager to make you some.


Alexa Francisco

by Alexa Francisco

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