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It's no secret that there is a complete lack of transparency plaguing the modern business world. We think it's bullsh*t, and have been inspired to create a video series called "Behind The Screens" as a means to remedy this issue. As we learn the ins and outs of running a sustainable business, we hope to inspire others and spread lessons learned along the way by documenting the process (with some adventure thrown in too, of course). 

“I wanted to create stuff that lasted longer, had more meaning, more purpose, and could involve art and music and all these different things I was pursuing in my life, that, I didn’t feel like a lot of these companies really regarded with high value…”                                                                                 -Nick Hammond

If you guys haven’t seen the video Nick put up yet, you should check it out. I’m glad he said what he did in it because about a year ago upon first meeting, these are the things he told me about. I didn’t know what I could offer him at the time if anything, but I wanted to do whatever I could to help make his vision a reality because those are things that I wanted for myself too.

Alas, I am no businessman or graphic designer and this is where Nick and I compliment each other well. What I am, is a different kind of artist looking to accomplish the same goals.

I was born into a long line of seamstresses and took to creating by way of a sewing machine at an early age, and have continued to do so my entire life. After seeing Nick spend months spilling all of his beautiful brain power into finding sustainably sourced blanks and coming up relatively empty due to outrageous minimums and unmet requests, I spoke up about making some and he was into it.

The thought was/is this-

If we can grab the production process by the balls, create hats that can withstand our more “adventurous” lifestyles, and do so with sustainably sourced materials, why wouldn’t we?

Thus begins the prototyping, and that means that small batches of hats made in-house are coming your way. But on the scale of 1 to 10, we refuse to settle for anything less than badass so we’re taking it relatively slowly.

In the meantime, and, due to a lack of transparency among businesses today we’ve been inspired to keep you guys posted with not only the processes involved in constructing the hats and how they hold up on our adventures, but the process of creating a business itself and all other creative endeavors, triumphs, and struggles that come along with it.

Making business more than just business and doing it with outdoor and creative lifestyles in mind is what we’re really about- so we’re going for it.  

We know we want hats comprised of sustainable materials, we know we want them to look badass, and we know we want them to do more than merely tolerate adventure.

We want them to be made for it.

Are you with us? Because we’re just getting started.  


Alexa Francisco

by Alexa Francisco

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