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Introducing the O-Town Shanty

by Alexa Francisco

Introducing the O-Town Shanty


It’s long been in the works to get a small space set up in College Park, a small town that falls within the district of Orlando that is home to our favorite coffee shops and dear friends… 

And it just so happens that the time has finally come for us

To a little (and affordable) 3 bedroom shanty, we go! 

Sewing and music equipment, surfboards, and plants (pretty much all we care about owning) stuff the great belly of Granny to the brim as we prepare to move everything we’ve got to the new space.  

The time is ripe for a new home base for both ourselves personally and Grandeur as a business.

What it’s going to look like in a few months- we don’t really know. But what we do know is that we’ve got access to prime-time caffeine. That being said, anything can be accomplished. 

Hopefully, it’ll supply us with the energy needed to bust into the market scene as that’s the ultimate intention being set for the next “few months”…    

Other things on the to-do list include the following-

-Taking on other creative endeavors for small businesses


-Road-trippin' to the east coast for surf and mad chills 

-Jam sessions galore 

-Biking (motorized and not)

-Finding our place in the community

-Doing more podcasts

To say we have a long way to go is quite the understatement and we sometimes find ourselves feeling a little lost in the sauce. However, we know that we’re at least heading in the right direction and the sauce is mighty tasty so, in the great words of Frank’s Red Hot Sauce-

We’re going to put that sh*t on everything.

Photos of the new digs are coming your way. If you’re in O-town or happen to find yourself in O-town, drop us a line and let us know you’re out there.


Alexa Francisco

by Alexa Francisco

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