Ambition Is In The Air

Ambition Is In The Air

“This is finally the year I’m going to (insert resolution here)!”


It feels damn good to write that list of resolutions, doesn’t it? Almost as if your wildest dreams have somehow already manifested- like all of the hard work is done and you’ve finally achieved that goal.


I don’t mean to bust your balls or anything… just kidding, I totally do. I think those kinds of resolutions are awesome but for the most part extremely unhelpful. And I have two questions for you-


Throughout the course of your life thus far, how many resolutions have you made that you actually followed through with, and, did you really want to reach those goals in the first place or did they just sound cool?


Ambition is in the air this time of year and a lot of people are about to be blown away by it. But as the shiny “newness” of the year becomes dull, unforeseen triumphs and pitfalls make themselves known and we experience months of change (or possibly stagnation), who finds themselves still sticking to the goals they set before the ball was rolling?


Now, I swear, I’m not a cynic. I just believe that it’s most important for one’s growth to be called on one’s shit. Like the fact that a lot of us, myself included, very easily become inspired to do certain things but don’t ever end up doing them (check Demystifying Daydreams for more on that).


And I think that the key, in the case of the new year, is sparing yourself from the more “off-the-cuff” resolutions. You know, the ones that are blinding by their sheer awesomeness but more likely to come at a way later date? And that’s if and only if you get “x, y, and z” done first?


The New Year is rolling around, and you decide you want to travel the world.


This year.


However, you don’t have any money saved up yet, a passport, or a means of working on the go-


Is it more helpful to bank on a traveling miracle to fall into your lap or to figure out the changes you need to make in your daily routine to gather the funds/supplies you need to take the trips you want to go on?


It’s the “x, y, and z” that should be topping your list, not “Travel the world”.


For example-


X- Find a job you don’t mind putting in more hours at, or, figure out how to work on the road.

Y- Set aside funds for travel each time you get paid.

Z- Plan one trip at a time to feed your wanderlust and stay on track.  


Let that be it, then comes the actual travel part. It might not look like a tall order but those things aren’t typically easy to do. And they have to be done before you buy your first ticket out of town. Otherwise, you might have already traveled the world 10 times by now.


Those giant, lofty goals exist to keep us going when we need the motivation to keep fighting the good fight and are more likely to be the sum total of all the smaller steps you take each day, year after year, towards making a bangin’ life for yourself in general rather than something you get to do on a whim.


If you really want to travel the world- do yourself a favor and get specific with the short-term. It’s there that you’ll gather the momentum you need to reach those larger-than-life goals.


So if you’re going to consider something for the new year, let it be how you can improve your day to day. Swear yourself to those things, and you’ll create a reality for yourself that ends up being way better than anything you could’ve ever dreamt up in what becomes the past. I’m a big fan of accountability, and letting others know of your intentions can be a powerful thing, so I want to put something out there…  


I’ll send you my plans for 2019 if you send me yours. Tell me about it below or shoot an email over and I’ll get back to you lickety-split.


Cheers, to page 1 out of 365!


Alexa Francisco

by Alexa Francisco

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