Can You Really "Do It All"?

by Alexa Francisco

Can You Really "Do It All"?

Can You Really

Water has been absolutely pouring from the sky this week. That means that all general outdoor fuckery has been put on hold until the heavens decide to take a chill pill. 

Normally I’d be really bummed right about now but thankfully, that hasn’t at all been the case since we’ve moved into the new spot.

The rain has given me ample time to hole up in our little shanty and let my creative brain run rampant (as well as rock the ever so moody, slouchy beanie for the first time this “fall”). 

Day turns to night, night turns to morning, and here I sit in our living room- bouncing back and forth from piano to guitar, to banjo, to drums as the storms come and go... Somewhat elysian visions of regular jam sessions consisting of more than a one-woman band have been flashing in and out of my mind, shedding light on some desires that have been hanging back in the shadows for a while. 

Such an eclectic mix of passions and goals leave a lot to do with what feels like very little time (big-picture thinker here, guys and gals). In my mind, you never know when you’re going to be hit by a truck or something, so sitting around and binge-watching stuff on Netflix isn’t really a go-to for me. 

The question I’ve been entertaining this week is- 

Is it really possible to do it all? And if so, how? 

Ultimately I believe it comes down to organization which, if you’ve kept up with the blogs here, you know I talk about all the time. But also vital to your well being is that you leave some time unstructured for play, and some time for simply resting and recovering (aka when that Netflix documentary comes in handy).

So many contradictions make living in general confusing but really all we can do is our best day by day and allow that to satiate ourselves until the next one begins. And I think that’s how you actually walk away with the feeling that you did “do it all”, or at least all that you possibly could have.  

They say that the right amount of ambient noise (such as rain, for example) boosts creativity output so, maybe that’s why these thoughts have been rolling around in my brain over the past week. 

Maybe that’s why I haven’t been able to pry myself away from the music. 

Whatever the case, ideas both old and new have had the space to roam about my mind as freely as they please this week and let me tell you- it has been a real treat as I have been feeling a little mentally constipated as of late. 

I hope that this is the new haps for gloomy weeks now that I’m not living half out of the van anymore… But I guess that’s more up to me than anything else.  

How do you feel when you’re stuck in the rain?


Alexa Francisco

by Alexa Francisco

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