Common Misconceptions

by Alexa Francisco

Common Misconceptions



There is a huge misconception going on between the words “handmade”, “local”, and “sustainable”. 

The misconception being that they are synonymous because the truth is- 

they aren’t.  

Just because something was handmade, does not mean that it was constructed with local and sustainable materials. 

Just because something was created by a local artist, does not mean that it was handmade with local and sustainable materials. 

And just because something was made with sustainable materials, does not mean that it was handmade with locally sourced materials.

Now before you get your undies in a wad, I’m not saying at all that any of the above are “bad” or not worth paying for. Small business owners and artists often have to pick and choose between the three because it’s insanely expensive to even make an attempt at tackling all of those things at once. Even when the desire to do the right thing is there, it’s not always possible… 

What needs to be learned is who those people are (those who are trying to do the right thing), because they are the ones who deserve your money. 

How do you do that? 

By actually talking with the people providing these goods and services, and doing your research to draw your own conclusions. 

We have to move past accepting the beautifully crafted chalk art sitting outside that reads “Local, Sustainable, Goods” as fact and get to know the businesses we’re thinking about supporting. 

Some mislead on purpose, and some are extremely transparent about the areas they’re able to focus on and the areas they hope to improve upon in the future. All you have to do is ask or do a quick search on the goog before yanking out your wallet.

Most of us care deeply about making wise and impactful purchasing decisions but the questions I have are these- 

The businesses you give your money to every day and even on special occasions- how well do you really know them?

Are they actively working towards creating a better future by way of their business practices, or, are they a part of the trend?

Have you been doing your research or more so accepting things at face value?


Alexa Francisco

by Alexa Francisco

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