Don't F*ck It Up

by Alexa Francisco

Don't F*ck It Up

For a few years now I’ve been asking myself one question (among many others actually) to keep myself on track as far as the big picture of my life is concerned… It goes a little something like- 

“Does this (this being an action of sort) support the life I’m trying to live?” 

It has kept me focused, kicked my lazy ass into gear a countless number of times, and at others, flipped my life completely on its head.

It’s a scary question to ask when you already feel in your bones that the answer is a resounding “no” because you know that what comes next is a pivot into some sort of new direction, also known as, the unknown.

It’s even scarier when you feel in your bones that the answer is a resounding “Yes, and you better not fuck this one up” because you know there’s only one way out. No pivoting, no unknown, just an immense amount of pressure to pull whatever it is off. 

Last week was big for me- 

Sick as a damn dog (an understatement at best)  and needing to print over 20 shirts for an event I asked myself- 

“Does this support the life I’m trying to live?”

I felt miserable and wanted nothing more than to get a “NO! QUIT NOW!”, but I didn’t get that. 

The truth is, there is nothing I would love more than to design and print merch for badass local musicians who give a shit about their merch being environmentally responsible. 

That is absolutely one hundred percent the life I’m trying to live.  

So, with no existential crisis to use as a scapegoat, I had no choice but to stick it out and try my best not to fuck it up.

The process went anything but smoothly and at one point I honestly wondered if things were beyond repair. Since we were working in our new space and things weren’t quite set up yet, it was hectic, to say the least. But we kept on and quite magically, however, unsurprisingly after so much work, we delivered over 20 -dare I say flawless- repurposed shirts for Jade Francis’ album anniversary with enough time to spare for me to take a nap and rally enough energy to actually attend the event.

When you’re working on something that supports the life of your dreams- that’s what you do. You rally. Otherwise, the opportunity is going to pass you by.

We can't foresee when we’ll become ill or when random problems will arise- they just happen. And sometimes calling in sick or pushing the deadline of a project back isn't an option and we have to dig deep into our energy reserves and run on E until we get to refill again. 

Are your actions supporting the life you want to be living?


Alexa Francisco

by Alexa Francisco

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