In Pursuit: Passion or Stability?

by Alexa Francisco

In Pursuit: Passion or Stability?

In Pursuit

I was listening to this podcast the other day and a question was brought up-

What should you pursue more of, passion or stability?

The answer, I feel, varies from person to person. If you find yourself mulling this question over here and there (or all the time like me) but find yourself more confused than not, I think you could benefit from exploring and defining your red zone. 

The red zone varies from person to person too, and it’s easiest to explain as the zone you are unwilling to enter because, at that point, things will too unstable and a threat your wellbeing.

We’re all satiated by different things… For quite a while now I’ve been comfortably uncomfortable with the part-time van life situation I’m in, and I don’t spend much money. As long as I can eat, put gas in the tank, and enjoy coffee and beer, I’m legitimately content and all is worth it to be able to spend extra time honing my craft.

My red zone would be putting myself in a position where I had to live in my mother’s home full-time, for whatever reason. Nothing against her at all as she’s a badass woman, but I need a certain amount of autonomy and space to maintain my wellbeing.

Living part-time in a van may sound asinine to you, and that simply means that your red zone is different. 

Think about what that is for you- where is the one place you are absolutely unwilling to go? 

Considering these things seriously and respecting your personal boundaries is absolutely crucial when figuring out the answer to the passion versus stability question. 

It’s your life after all, what’s healthiest for you

For some, it’s a having a part-time job and living with their parents or a roommate, for others, van life could be the answer, or, some people need a higher level of stability (think full-time job, a home, etc) in order to feel well enough to pursue their passion- that also means they’ll have more money to funnel into it which can be insanely helpful.

And these things change as well, I’m currently having to redefine my red zone. Though I will never rid myself of a van, I have a need for a small place in a particular area to set up a home base. Now, I’m having to figure out what work I’m going to need to take on in order to meet that criterion.

Right now I need to be flexible and increase my finances by a bit, so I’ve got some thinking and restructuring to do. 

Where are you at?


Alexa Francisco

by Alexa Francisco

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