Off to Iceland


Grandeur’s off to Iceland! 

Not me, unfortunately, one of the beanies I made. 

I keep a special spot in the van stocked with beanies and such because I often run into really cool people that end up wanting to get their hands on a piece of what we’re doing.

Besides it being super flattering, it’s also really amazing to connect with so many people doing badass things. 

Like traveling to Iceland. 

When I meet someone in person that connects enough with the story we tell to buy one of the things we create on the spot, I feel like we get the opportunity to become a small part of the journey. 

Along with that comes a bit of pressure. 

The last thing I want is for someone to be hiking through Iceland with a beanie that doesn’t end up performing the way they expect it to. 

In all honesty, I know it’s going to hold up. But when you put your heart and soul into creating something by hand and you really care about it, you’re bound to get butterflies at the handoff. 

Getting into the thick of my personal shit here, I’ve allowed those butterflies to hold me back for far too long. 

Not in all areas of my life, mostly my professional endeavors.

Living the life of a craftsman/artist has always appealed to me most however, from a young age, I was frequently told that kind of life would never amount to much monetarily. 

Though most of those people aren’t in my life anymore the things that were said still pop into my mind each time I make a sale or someone so much as expresses interest in putting in an order for something. 

Here’s the thing though- it has also been said time and time again and in many different ways that nothing is as powerful a dream killer as doubt, so I try with everything I’ve got to let those words ring louder than the others because they, my friends, are actually truthful. 

Each and every one of us deals with this struggle (fear of falling short, doubt, etc.) be it in our personal or professional lives. Or in some cases, both... 

I guess my question is this-

When the opportunity arises for you either stoke or starve your dreams- what do you choose? 


Alexa Francisco

by Alexa Francisco

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