Post-Giveaway Thoughts

Post-Giveaway Thoughts

I was scared shitless a couple of weeks ago when we sent our giveaway beanie out to the winner we choose via random selection... It was the first beanie I literally made that was sent to someone of “customer status”.

By “customer status” I mean someone who wasn’t familiar with Nick or myself directly, someone I’m much less comfortable being rejected by… Up until that day, I had been utilizing my friends and familia as my beanie test dummies. For the past 4 months, I’ve been getting feedback such as-

“This one’s too tight.”

“This one’s too short.”

“This one’s too big.”

“It’s just not quite there yet. Try again.”

It’s been a long and arduous process, to say the least. One that has taken a toll on my confidence. So after creating yet another test beanie and having it make its way through the many different sized heads and minds with differing opinions on what makes a beanie fit comfortably, I was really stoked to hit green lights across the board… To celebrate, we decided it was better to give it to someone instead of putting it up for sale.

Despite the positive reviews from everyone I know, there was still a ton of doubt plaguing my mind when it came to giving away that beanie to a stranger. A completely objective review was coming, the first one we’ve ever had, on the first hat I created with my own hands and believed would satisfy the standards we’re looking to uphold within this business.

If they shit on it, I was concerned as to what that would mean for me.

Do I keep going? Or maybe switch gears and try to find other affordable sources for well-made blanks that minimize harm to the environment and the hands that create them?

Though my gut was telling me that I would keep going no matter what- you know, take the review in stride if they said it needed improvements and get back on the horse typa thing. I’ve never done this before so, naturally, I’ve had my fill of doubting my abilities to deliver.

Then the review came in, and the awesome chica that received the beanie had nothing but nice things to say about both it and our business.

Fucking hallelujah, ya’ll!

It’s the encouragement I was hoping for, something I’ll be keeping in my back pocket and reminding myself of constantly as I struggle through the next chapter (AKA putting up more badass beanies yo). 

You see, the conception phase of an idea is so much fun to be a part of, and so is seeing the literal birth of that idea. The “labor”, or the middle, however, holds the most potential to absolutely suck because it’s the most challenging mentally, physically, and most of all, emotionally. I thought I’d take a sec to bring it up because it’s applicable to so many aspects of our lives- relationships, businesses, creative endeavors…

So where are you at lately? Giving into the doubt, or moving forward in spite of it?


Alexa Francisco

by Alexa Francisco

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