The Follow Through

by Alexa Francisco

The Follow Through

The Follow Through

“I hate it when people say they’re gonna do something, and they never actually do it.”

I had literally just met this guy, but there was enough heat behind his words that I ended up thinking to myself straight away- if I ever told him I was planning on doing something, I better have full intentions of following through with whatever those plans were. Almost immediately it was like a little subconscious pact that I had made in my mind and I was completely unaware of how it was about to affect my future. It was odd having a thought like that in the first place because like I said, I had just met Nick (“this guy’s” name) and he didn’t even live here. He was visiting his friend Austin who lived about a mile away from me and I wanted to take him to my favorite coffee shop so I could get to know him.

Nick lived in Utah and I lived in Florida, and he was going back home the following day. Obviously, there were no expectations for any sort of future on either of our parts other than having coffee, which turned into having lunch, which turned into having wine and listening to music after we went about the rest of our day and I picked him back up from Austin’s place later that night.


During our conversations, I got the impression that he meant business, not only as far as work-related affairs were concerned, but personal affairs as well. He was shy but clearly had an adventurous side and was well spoken, but selective about what he chose to say. And it came as no surprise to me to find that he was intelligent as hell. In other words, he was all things irresistible to a gal like myself.

I don’t remember exactly how it came up, but somewhere in there, it was mentioned that if I ever wanted to fly out to Utah and explore the area, I was welcome to stay at his place and he’d show me around. I said I would definitely be interested in doing that. Which brings me back to-

“I hate it when people say they’re gonna do something, and they never actually do it.”

I felt like after I said I’d come to see him sometime, it was up to me to make it happen. Not only because of what he said but because I really wanted to. I knew if I took it upon myself to get a ticket I would earn some respect in his book if I wanted it, and bonus- I would probably scare him half to death when he realized I wasn’t full of shit and actually coming out there.

What would happen if the next time you made a plan with someone or threw out an idea to them, however big or small, you did whatever it took to make it happen? You could whiff completely or have a lackluster experience, but there’s also a chance you’ll stumble across something amazing.

I think that holding yourself accountable for what you say you’ll do is more than enough to change things for you in a big way- no matter the outcome. You’ve had conversations with friends or family about the numerous things you are going to do with your life but did you do them? Are you doing them? If the answer is no, why?

You’re gonna get out of life what you build up the courage to do.

In my case, Nick and I talked over the phone while I threw twenty dollar bills into my dresser drawer whenever I had them to save up for a plane ticket. In about a months time I asked him about what dates would work, got his answer, and booked a flight. I definitely shocked him when I told him about it, by the way, which was a lot of fun for me to sit on during the weeks leading up to my departure. I was a little intimidated myself as I had no idea what was going to happen. Hell, I didn’t even own warm clothes and had decided to head to Utah in the freaking winter. At the same time, I reached a new level of stoke because what I did know was that I had just committed to some sort of adventure with this hottie I was really digging that lived out in the mountains.

The shenanigans that would ensue after booking that flight were completely unforeseeable, utterly hilarious, and beautifully human. From bumming around Zion and waking up in the middle of a herd of buffalo at 3 am to faking identities at some bougie restaurant that later gave Nick food poisoning (that’s where you truly get to know someone folks). We made memories that I will forever enjoy looking back on. Spewage included.

Its happening was a direct result of deciding to follow through on something one of us thought was unlikely to happen and both of us thought was a little nuts.

These things are as complicated as you make them but in my experience, “complicated” in this scenario is usually where you’re hiding your excuses. Like that family member who has a kick-ass dream they talk about all the time but they never end up following through with it because “the time isn’t right”. Or, you have that friend who’s been talking about asking a special someone out forever but they won't because that person is "out of their league"… Excuses.

In our heads, we’re dying for these people to do three things-

  1. Get out of their own way.
  2. Stop talking about it.
  3. And just do it.

“I hate it when people say they’re gonna do something, and they never actually do it.”

Nick is right, it sucks when people don’t follow through. But before you nod your head in agreement, are you holding yourself to the same standard?

To say that I’m happy with what has happened to my life since buying that plane ticket couldn’t be more of an understatement. Not only did I meet an incredible person I’m still adventuring with today, I’m making sure that in all of my conversations I’m being more mindful of the things I say, and taking action on what I say I’m going to do. It’s led me to some wild and profound places, and there’s no doubt in my mind that it will do the same for you.

The next time you find yourself half-committing with your words, go all the way and see what comes of it. 


Alexa Francisco

by Alexa Francisco

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