The glorification of adventure… It’s everywhere these days and for good reason.

There’s nothing quite like peeling yourself out of a tent, or vehicle, or a kind strangers home you slept in all night to wake up in a place you haven’t yet seen in broad daylight.

Nothing like realizing that a light heart and a couple beers are strong enough to create friendships that last a lifetime.

Nothing like becoming familiar with the heightened sensations of the unknown. The smells, tastes, sights, sounds, all feelings absorbed by you due to the enhanced awareness that graces your soul as it takes something in for the first time.

The adventurous lifestyle is a beautiful one, no doubt. But for a great deal of us, escapism and need for validation are underlying conditions we’re subconsciously seeking treatment for when that’s all we’re willing to accept. You can see it all over Instagram, read about it on Facebook, and hear it in the voices of those jonesing for their next trip. I’ve talked to many who feel like they’re only living life to its fullest when in a new place or a situation of high-exposure.

And while it is very true that there is invaluable life experience to be found amidst a months-on-end road trip, or becoming a mere dingleberry hanging on for dear life in the ass crack of a crag you’re ascending, or chasing the heels of a great storm’s swell to catch the best waves your existence has seen yet, there are some things you won’t get on the road.

And whether you agree with that or not, at some point, most of us have to pack our bags and go back to wherever our more permanent place of residence is. I’d like to pay some much-needed homage to that.

Because memories worth recounting are not only collected while living off-the-cuff.   


There is life experience of equal value to be had within the confines of your “backyard”, your settling place. I think it’s those who successfully straddle those two planes of existence who are really living life to its fullest.

Those who glorify their home and every-day relationships as much as they glorify their travel-house and strangers met on the road.

Those who dig themselves deep into a job that’s worth doing. One they love doing, in fact, because it means something to them.

Those who have gathered enough experience to realize that indulging in the sensations of the known can be just as wonderful as indulging in those of the unknown. The smell of a most-frequented coffee shop, the taste of the food growing native to the land, the sight of a new day as the sun lifts itself over the mountain or oceanside they’ve come to know so well, the unwavering comfort one feels when surrounded by those they have loved for years.

The known is what makes the unknown so captivating, and vice versa. And they will always be in flux. We need to appreciate it all.

Wherever you fall on the spectrum, glorify where you are now. Mundane, exciting, old, new...

It’s life itself that is the adventure, not the adventurous lifestyle. The sooner we open ourselves to that, the better off many of us will be.


Alexa Francisco

by Alexa Francisco

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