Becoming Invisible with Will Saunders of the Locals Project

by Nick Hammond

Becoming Invisible with Will Saunders of the Locals Project


Having grown up in the small town of Sisters, Oregon Will occupied himself with exploring, discovering and enjoying time outside. After graduating from the University of Oregon with a degree in Photojournalism he began to focus his photography pursuits on outdoor, active, artistic, quirky communities and the locals that give places their own unique characteristics.

By immersing himself into these communities he strives to tell stories, whether in his backyard or across the world, that bring out emotions we can all relate to as being indigenous to the same earth.

With clients such as Backcountry.com, Ski Utah, Revo, OutsideMag, and Sierra Designs, Will continues to push what it means to be a photographer, and storyteller, in todays noisy landscape.

Topics of this chat include:
• Finding a career path
• Changing course
• Learning through doing
• Interacting with different subjects
• Merging hobbies
• Not looking back
• Flow state
• Becoming invisible
• Living 1,000 lives
• Gaining perspective
• Dealing with gear
• Unplanned circumstances
• Starting a media company
• The power of passion projects



Nick Hammond

by Nick Hammond

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