After co-founding a creative studio Scott McDonald dove into his first foray with "the world's first cinematic smartcase." Throughout these endeavors Scott saw first hand how the landscape of social media was changing and took what he had learned into a new venture based on smart phone's ability to capture content at a rapid pace. Currently, you can find Scott and his Denver based team at their warehouse style headquarters filled with murals, a tattoo artist, not-a-flamethrower, dogs, and other atypical office furnishings.

Topics of this chat include:
• Ideas behind Cinebody
• Pushing direction from the cloud
• Hardware vs. software
• Outsourcing coding
• Transitioning into management
• Shift in content creation
• Fans vs. influencers
• Geofencing a shotlist
• Internal content
• Deciding AND creating
• Not forcing "culture"
• Bringing in true artists
• Hustle bandwagon
• Visible tattoos
• Having mentors
• All about the team




Nick Hammond

by Nick Hammond

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