Company of One with Paul Jarvis

by Nick Hammond

Company of One with Paul Jarvis

The hardest-working creative you’ll ever meet, Paul Jarvis is a designer, author, teacher, software creator and podcaster. He’s written four books (translated into Korean, Russian, Arabic and several other languages he unfortunately doesn’t speak), and builds beautiful-yet-practical digital courses to show people how to kick ass at the intersection of creativity and commerce. Paul also co-founded ofCourseBooks and hosts two podcasts about business, freelancing, creativity – and nerdy stuff like time travel and vampires.

Topics of this chat include:
• Continuation of previous episode
• Seeing growth differently
• Coming to your own conclusions
• Company of One ethos
• Business and societal difficulties
• Debugging infallible leadership
• Trust and customer acquisition
• Short term vs. long term thinking
• Small, constant, iterative steps
• Unique versions of success
• Leaning on others expertise
• Questioning growth
• Navigating your own path
• Examining motivations
• Business built around life goals

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Nick Hammond

by Nick Hammond

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