Designing with Purpose with Stephan Ango

by Nick Hammond

Designing with Purpose with Stephan Ango


Beginning with his study of ecology and evolutionary biology Stephan Ango shifted his focus onto his love for product design. Moving to the Netherlands to pursue this very love he took a job as an intern only to take the first step in his entrepreneurial journey shortly thereafter via a kickstarter campaign for a solar-powered fabric printing technology. A few mistakes later, and with the same business partner, he then went on to co-found his latest sustainable packaging venture named Lumi.

Topics of this chat include:
• Shifting career interests
• Problem solving perspectives
• Bias toward finishing things
• Opportunities as an intern
• Skinning Winamp
• Minimalist approach
• Optimistic mindset
• Starting a podcast
• Kickstarting a company
• Difficulties with software stacks
• Harmony between economics and nature
• Tradeoffs
• Visibility, Optimization, Innovation
• Digging into the supply chain
• Finding the intersection
• Making a tool for scale




Nick Hammond

by Nick Hammond

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