Digging Deep with Alden Wicker

by Nick Hammond

Digging Deep with Alden Wicker


Having first taken the dive into the health food movement Alden Wicker set out to better understand the intersection of sustainability and fashion via her freelance journalistic efforts. Through her global travels she's worked to uncover the truths in supply chains and statistics via articles for Vox, Newsweek, Refinery29, Quartz, Fast Company, and Inc. Magazine just to name a few. Being named as the first journalist to discover and report that fashion is in fact not the second most polluting industry after oil Alden continues to work on synthesizing her most fascinating and unexpected learnings via her international blog Ecocult.

Topics of this chat include:
• Rana Plaza collapse
• Food movement
• No USDA for fashion
• Overconsumption
• Marie Kondo
• Female vs. Male
• Interconnectivity & social
• Incorrect statistics
• Vetting brands
• Donating to experts
• Supporting artisans
• Education vs. solutions
• Being unpopular
• Changing positions
• Practicing non-judgement
• Raising the bar




Nick Hammond

by Nick Hammond

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