Friend Of The People with Harry Fricker of Arvin Goods

by Nick Hammond

Friend Of The People with Harry Fricker of Arvin Goods


Harry Fricker is the co-founder of Arvin Goods — a design-led apparel manufacturer offering a sustainable solution to environmentally harmful fabric production practices. Born and raised in Cornwall, Harry studied music before uncovering his natural talent for photography, design, and storytelling while traveling across Europe and North America. Since then, Harry founded Fricker — a design agency specializing in the outdoor industry, sustainable fashion, and product design. With Arvin Goods, Harry has translated years of creative experience to establish a low-cost, style-focused, yet totally sustainable line of basic apparel. Launching Spring 2017, Arvin Goods offers "closed loop" manufactured socks and underwear. A complete line of apparel is planned for 2018-2019, with the intent of increasing "closed loop" awareness, thus prompting a necessary shift in the apparel industry. Harry resides in Vancouver, Canada.

Topics of this chat include:
• Seeing business from the inside
• Sustainability + cool factor
• Pulling from the past
• The ongoing process
• Developing the brand
• Building your story
• Balancing creative projects
• Switching between types of work
• Mindset of trying everything
• Disconnecting to refresh
• Managing a team
• Growing with a manufacturer
• Rebuilding after a relocation
• Spreading the message



Nick Hammond

by Nick Hammond

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