Going Out Is Going In with McKenzie Barney of Comfort Theory

by Nick Hammond

Going Out Is Going In with McKenzie Barney of Comfort Theory


McKenzie Barney went from being a 25 year athlete to transitioning into the role of producer before embarking on a mission to through hike the Te Araroa trail; a pivotal turning point in her life as a creative. The way McKenzie lives her life is best explained by the philosophy of her company Comfort Theory: We have a theory that despite what society has taught us, comfort is dangerous. We believe that in order to find out what we’re truly capable of we must embrace the unknown. When we gain the courage to loosen our grip on societies so-called certainties we open ourselves up to new horizons. When nothing is certain, everything is possible.

Topics of this chat include:
• Through-hiking
• Guided by feelings
• Documenting
• Incorporating reflections
• Internal vs. external journeys
• What to keep and discard
• Handling uncertainty
• Understanding vs. experiencing
• Being a producer
• Power in exposure
• Role changes
• Time as a form of giving
• Solitude and vulnerability
• Gratitude as the glue to happiness
• Habit vs. intent
• Chapters in life
• The only constant is change
• Learning from wildlife



Nick Hammond

by Nick Hammond

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