Field Martin is a wildland firefighter based in Island Park, Idaho. Field spends his summers chasing fires across the American West where he is tasked with tipping trees, digging handline, and cold trailing for countless miles to ensure the containment of the blazes that have engulfed many a forest. As in life, all good things must come to end and with the cold weather Field hits the road (in proper dirtbag fashion) in search of pow and swell until the return of the next fire season.

Topics of this chat include:
• Fire regions and crews
• Relevant schooling and experience
• Typical causes of wildland fires
• Crew physical training standards
• Length of firefighting seasons
• Wilderness therapy as a transition
• Tying in, drip torching, and burning off
• Creating handlines
• Safety zones
• Fire behavior
• Death watch
• LCES acronym
• Crew positions and duties
• Trust
• Mental struggle
• Forest Service history and misconceptions




Nick Hammond

by Nick Hammond

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