People, Playground, Product with Jenn Swain

by Nick Hammond

People, Playground, Product with Jenn Swain


A native Vermonter and new snowboarder, Jenn Swain leads a team in development and implementation of sustainability strategies at Burton. She is passionate about protecting the people and playground that sustain snowboarding and the mountain lifestyle. Jenn seeks inspiration both within and outside of the active and outdoor industries, working cross-functionally to support departments in progressing toward best practices in their respective areas. Key topics include fair labor, chemicals management, preferred materials, traceability, waste reduction, circular economy, end of life, packaging optimization, carbon reduction, goals tracking and benchmarking, communications and marketing, and policy advocacy.

Jenn joined Burton in 2017. She previously worked in forest product certification, supply risk evaluation, gender empowerment, sustainable investing, intellectual property, and event management. She has held positions in both for-profit and non-profit organizations, including the Rainforest Alliance and World Wildlife Fund. Educationally, Jenn pursued her interest in the intersections of community, environment, and business through earning a BS in Community and International Development, a Master of Business Administration, and a Graduate Certificate in Ecological Economics from the University of Vermont.

Topics of this chat include:
• Environment & values
• Build-your-own schooling & service learning
• Making changes from the inside
• Intersection of business & sustainability
• Demand & profitability
• Focusing on long term solutions
• Timing & tradeoffs
• Recycling solutions for re-use
• Marketing messages
• Designing at scale
• Magnifying your own impact
• Simplifying & illustrating
• Continuous evolution
• Low hanging fruit
• Difficulties in staying informed
• Pushing sustainability to the mainstream




Nick Hammond

by Nick Hammond

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