The Power of People with Joshua Perez

by Nick Hammond

The Power of People with Joshua Perez


Having grown up in Miami Joshua Perez found himself jobless after college in Denver, CO until a happenstance meeting changed his career trajectory. Starting as a store manager, and one of the first handful of employees, at Topo Designs flagship store he worked his way into positions revolving around marketing, social media, tech, and more. Building on his experiences within the outdoor industry he began putting together his knack for photography with his love of people into what's now called The Keys Podcast.

Topics of this chat include:
• Making connections
• Getting involved
• Using photography as an "in"
• Capitalizing on social
• Working with influencers/athletes
• Piggybacking off of opportunities
• Diversifying skillsets
• How content is created and used
• Focusing on people
• Sharing learnings
• Stop talking, start doing
• Finding stories
• Prioritizing quality
• Aligning on vision
• Beyond podcasting
• Time management




Nick Hammond

by Nick Hammond

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