The Sacred Spot

The Sacred Spot
Trip Log 7
Some National Forest, Florida


You’ve got to look real closely. Otherwise, you may miss the small doodled sign poking out of the ground that reads “Drum Circle”- the only sign pointing you in the direction of the event in which you seek…  

Or you can GPS it I suppose but it sounds far less romantic. Either way, when you come to this sign on the side of the road in the middle of a national forest, you know you’re in for a different kind of weekend.

One where aesthetics clearly hold no weight, where no one gives a crap about how much you make at your day job or how many kids you do or do not have, where there’s no pressure to be anything but who you are, and all the encouragement in the world to submerse yourself in the moment, and bang on some mother fucking drums, or dance your ass off. Or just sit and reset-

It’s whatever, man. And it’s great.

Twice a year you can find this couple-hundred-strong bunch of hippies out in the forest doing their thing. Besides a few really intense digeridoo and hand drum performances, you can spend your time dipping in the lake, conversing with glorious weirdos about gloriously weird things, or holing up wherever you set up camp for some major chill time.

Post-lake dip and a couple of beers in, I was lounging about the van with Nick wrapped up in one of our typical “out there” conversations- one of my favorite things to do. I couldn’t help but think about how often people don’t experience such a thing, and that’s a major bummer.

Not so much the post-lake dip/beer drinking/weird conversation thing, of course, as not everyone wants to spend a weekend doing exactly that. I’m talking about the level of aliveness and presentness and stoke you feel for purely existing when you indulge in whatever jump-starts that for you.

It’s in these moments that you loosen yourself from the shackles of the grind and embrace your inherent freedom, which, allows for an immense amount of satisfaction. I liken it to some good ole fashioned, genuine Grade-A sexy time, straight medicine for the soul.

We live such fast-paced lives in the modern world that it’s becoming harder and harder to slow down without feeling guilty or lazy- so we don’t do it… But the majority of our suffering, the reason why we’re so quick to burn out or be cranky or get sick is because of that.

So what do you do about it? I hear so many people talk about how it’s insanely uncomfortable for them to set aside time for relaxation because their brains are so used to being overstimulated, they freak when they realize that they aren’t “working hard” towards making something happen.

This is a societal issue obviously. One with so many layers to it, I don’t want to get into it on a blog post unless it was turned into a series of sorts, but what I do want is to beg you to chill the fuck out on a regular basis because you need it- we all do.

When is the last time you genuinely forgot about your phone? Or, the last time you decided to read a book or draw, or whatever, instead of watch TV or post a picture of your endeavors to Instagram or Facebook?

When is the last time you lost yourself in the woods to a drum festival full of hippies?


Alexa Francisco

by Alexa Francisco

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