Don't mistake us for a coupla slouches. While our days are indeed well spent bummin' it in the sand, at breweries, skateparks and local markets, they're best spent fulfilling our promise to you and the badass planet that graciously houses all of our good times. This is where our "Waste Chasers" Initiative comes into play, where we remove at least one piece of waste from the urban and natural landscapes in the glorious Sunshine State for every dollar spent in our shop.

To put it simply-

If you spend 30 bucks here, you will have also removed at least 30 pieces of waste from Florida soil.


Ethical business is our thing. If we can't make it ourselves or find another like-minded business to make it for us, we don't fuck with it. Period.

This is why over 95 percent of our inventory consists of items that are preloved and ready to be rehomed. Sustainably speaking, this is the coolest way to acquire goods.

One of a kind over a dime a dozen for life, ya dig?

The average order at The Conscious Bum prevents at least 1lb of consumer waste (such as textile, for example) from hitting the landfills.


Our goal is to provide you with the dopest of digs, flex our creativity, save the planet, and have a good time while doing it... Too much to ask for?

Nah, brah we're pint glasses half full kinda people.

Now let's get wasted.