We found Eliza whilst hanging back in a thrift store, begging to be repurposed. Stripped of the original ribbon that once lined the crown, we chose to adorn her with a silver-studded black notion any modern bohemian will love. Made from a cotton and polyester blend, it'll hold it's shape for years. 

In repurposing the base we're able to extend it's life and look badass while saving the planet.

The perfect crown for a small to medium-sized dome. Measuring 24 inches in circumference. 

Style, ethics, and freedom embodied

By creating products that sport a timeless aesthetic and, in our products made in-house and by hand, utilize materials that would otherwise end up in our landfills. Inspired by the raw beauty and sheer freedom the world has to offer us, we feel it is our responsibility to protect and preserve it by way of our business practices. Want to learn more? Check out our origins page.